Evil Dubstep Loops and Samples

Last week we had a pack of Crazy dubstep sounds, this week’s is EVIL! Mwuah HA HA HA!

This is Dubstep meets ghost house. Horror movie music meets Skrillex. It’s dark, it’s creepy and it’s all good.

Dubstep tends to be kind of dark because of the distorted sounds. But this is a whole different beast. This is a pack you could use to make the soundtrack for an action-horror movie or game. It’s full of aggressive and tense bass, beats and FX.

At a bit over 600MB it’s a smaller pack, but just like last week’s, this one is about quality and style. It is a bit of a specialist pack, although it includes some of everything. Beats, lots of bass, melodies, leads, FX, and percussion. Even if horror-dubstep is what you’re interested in, I would pair this with a bigger, more rounded out and generic, pack if you’re just starting out.


Evil Dubstep Loops and Samples


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To The Party! By DJ Cyriaque

Uses an interesting mix of what sounds like military radio chatter, and funky vocals.

The genre is deep house with some Electro and techno-house elements.

I really dig the bass line on this track.



You Bring Me Joy – Drew O’Neill

A solid Electro-Techno track for your enjoyment! It also has some Chip-Tune and funk elements. This one comes from Drew O’Neill and is called You Bring Me Joy.