Royalty Free Music – Dark Days In The Underground


Be Somebody Else

Dark Days In The Underground

Destroyer of Worlds

He’s Dead!

I Have Become Death

Red Alert

Slowcooker Dip Blues

The News Every Night

The Universe Is Laughing At You

To Be Lasered


Zombie Graveyard


Terms: You may use this track in free or commercial projects, as long as credit is given someplace people can see it. The Credits of a game. The end of your video. Etc. If used online I require you to put a link to this site someplace visible, such as the description of your video.
You may not sell this music on it’s own, or as part of a collection. Commercial use may only be as part of a project such as a game or movie.
If you want to share the track with someone, direct them to this post.


“Song Title” by
Ryan ‘Acidhedz’ Murphy


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I enjoyed the track from The Animals At Night so much I looked into their label to see what else was on offer. They just put up a new compilation album. If you’re into indie electronic music, and you want to check out something worthy, this is a good pick.