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Be Somebody Else

Dark Days In The Underground

Destroyer of Worlds

He’s Dead!

I Have Become Death

Red Alert

Slowcooker Dip Blues

The News Every Night

The Universe Is Laughing At You

To Be Lasered


Zombie Graveyard


Terms: You may use this track in free or commercial projects, as long as credit is given someplace people can see it. The Credits of a game. The end of your video. Etc. If used online I require you to put a link to this site someplace visible, such as the description of your video.
You may not sell this music on it’s own, or as part of a collection. Commercial use may only be as part of a project such as a game or movie.
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Ryan ‘Acidhedz’ Murphy


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Bass House and Garage Loops and Samples

Bass centric music is where it’s at these days. Bass House, Garage, Trap, Dubstep, and Drumstep.

And this week’s pack has the bass to make you the ace 😉

Okay, in all seriousness this pack is not focuses on bass. It’s a complete package for making bass centric music. People tend to forget that a lot of what makes those genres work, is all the other stuff. Not just the bass. It’s easy to spend ages working on the bass, and neglect the rest.

But you can’t have a drop without something to lead up to it. Without all the bleeps, bloops, beeps, horn stabs, arpeggio lines and pads… there’s just bass and drums. Which isn’t bad, but can get boring.

This pack has a nice selection of bass and drums, but where it shines is everything else. All the little bits and bobs that bring a track to life.

At a bit over 800MB, it’s a pack to expand your library, not start it off.


Bass House and Garage Loops and Samples


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Classic Bass House Samples and Loops

If you like to make Bass centric music, this week’s pack is one you will want to add to your collection of sounds.

This pack is about getting some of that classic island style, with the modern shake dat ass dancefloor sound. At the end of the day, dance music is about making people want to dance. And that’s what this pack is all about. Getting them out on the floor and keeping them on it.

Master this pack and what it has to offer, and you’ll be well on your way to putting out that next big club hit. No BS. It’s that good. Because it isn’t trying to be different, except in the ways that really count. It gives you the tools you need to be yourself, while focusing on all the things that get people out on the dance floor.

At a bit over 1.6GB this is a big pack, and one I would recommend for those getting started. If you want to make people dance, this pack is a good place to begin.

The real draw, in my opinion, is that it includes over 120 MIDI files. Which gives you a lot of flexibility.


Classic Bass House Loops and Samples


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Evil Dubstep Loops and Samples

Last week we had a pack of Crazy dubstep sounds, this week’s is EVIL! Mwuah HA HA HA!

This is Dubstep meets ghost house. Horror movie music meets Skrillex. It’s dark, it’s creepy and it’s all good.

Dubstep tends to be kind of dark because of the distorted sounds. But this is a whole different beast. This is a pack you could use to make the soundtrack for an action-horror movie or game. It’s full of aggressive and tense bass, beats and FX.

At a bit over 600MB it’s a smaller pack, but just like last week’s, this one is about quality and style. It is a bit of a specialist pack, although it includes some of everything. Beats, lots of bass, melodies, leads, FX, and percussion. Even if horror-dubstep is what you’re interested in, I would pair this with a bigger, more rounded out and generic, pack if you’re just starting out.


Evil Dubstep Loops and Samples


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Big sales on Loop and Sample Packs

Learning to Fall By Unjay

I like this track. It’s got a bit of that dubstep and complextro going on, and a lot of old old school video game music influence. Not strictly chip-tune, but you can really hear the influence of classic video games. Especially Mario brothers circa N64.



‘Ghost Island’ New EDM Trap Mix from DanoSongs

An interesting, jumbled up track. The sort of thing you might put on at a Halloween party. Has some nice vocal samples. And a good vibe that fits in with dubstep, trap or any of the bass focused, darker styles.



Introduction to Life By Syker

A very mellow, but none the less EDM track. It’s tagged electronic pop, but I would peg it more as progressive deep EDM, with some trance elements.

If you’re looking for something that works on the dance floor, just to listen to whenever, or even for chilling out… I think this track will work well for you.



To The Party! By DJ Cyriaque

Uses an interesting mix of what sounds like military radio chatter, and funky vocals.

The genre is deep house with some Electro and techno-house elements.

I really dig the bass line on this track.



You Bring Me Joy – Drew O’Neill

A solid Electro-Techno track for your enjoyment! It also has some Chip-Tune and funk elements. This one comes from Drew O’Neill and is called You Bring Me Joy.