Crazy Dubstep Loops and Samples

One of the issues some might find with Dubstep and associated genres, is artificiality. Sure, it’s supposed to sound synthetic. But occasionally adding in some actual instrument sounds can make a huge difference. In fact, some people base their entire sound around it.

Which is what this week’s loop and sample pack is all about.

It’s still Dubstep. But the sounds are made by fucking with recordings from non-synthetic instruments. Along with all sorts of creepy, dark and mysterious synth stuff. All aimed at twisting your head.

If you’ve ever wanted to try psychadelic dubstep, this pack is what you need.

It’s a smaller pack at just under 600MB, but the quality and unique sound is what’s important.

This is a pack for people who want to experiment, and push boundries. It includes pretty much everything you need, but I would get this as a supplemental pack. Not a core pack. Unless you want to base your entire style around really dark, psychadelic sounds.


Crazy Dubstep Loops and Samples


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