Not Fair

So much time passed me by. All the time I could only sit and cry. Maturity I’ve got, but not the things that are supposed to come with it. No matter how hard I try to decry, I cannot deny. Whatever I have to offer, mostly I’m just a piece Read More

Bitter Walk Home

Stepping along the street, heading to see her again. She minds the counter and all I can do is stare. Right there, feet, inches, soft, sweet, beautiful. Pay for my shit and run away. I can tell everyone is laughing ¬†at me, even when they aren’t. But nothing can compare Read More


Why do I stare when I see your face? Why do I look away and run from your space? Because… Why do you fill me with such dread? Why do I run leaving all these things unsaid? Because… Why do I find you in my thoughts from dusk to dusk? Read More

Passions and Dreams

Like a sweet dream, often glimpsed rarely seen. You floated into my sight, and I was tempted beyond right. Impossible it seems, this sweetest of dreams. Filled with pure dread at the reality that will be said. Still, I cannot deny what I feel. A girl so cute it burns, Read More

The Lie

There is a lie we tell… That passion is like heaven or hell. Truer to say it’s like a drug cartel. An obsession on which we dwell. Love is the word we yell. Fucking is the drive that compel. Such a cute girl with hair like caramel. Her smile for Read More

Your Own Troll

A moment catches on the heart when you spot a lovely face. The wish for more fills every fiber of body and soul. Fear of reality, it’s never as good as the dream. Is the risk of a broken heart worth the chance at embrace? Can a girl bring nourishment Read More

Flower and Spirit

In the first rush of spring when a flower blooms, bring a light to the gloomiest place. A spirit sees the flash and forgotten passion wakes, like a dream moving through space. The gentle rose, a scent you long to kiss, a petal you await it’s soft caress. Smile and Read More

Anxiety Bastard

Just a smile in the pouring rain. Or a kiss, to soothe the souls pain. Rush in the breast, beating it’s furious refrain. Death of the mind, a hopeful bloodstain. On and on the vision will go in vain. Nothing but this addiction to a face I can’t abstain. Is Read More