Grungy Bass House Loops and Samples Pack

Bass centric music has a lot of loyalty, and fans. And for good reason. There is just something about a great drop that’s hard to beat. For this week’s pack pick I wanted to tell you about another great pack for people getting started. Or, to build up your collection Read More

Progressive Trap

Trap is a genre that’s going places, and you don’t want to get left behind. So this week’s pack pick is aimed at progressive trap. Bringing in elements from dubstep, chillstep, and chill-hop. And it’s a monster at 4GB. If you’re getting started, if you’re looking for something new, if Read More

Heavy Bass House Loops and Samples

This week’s pack pick is another in this series focusing on bass music. We return to the genre of Bass House. And it’s a doozy. One of the highest quality packs you will ever find for making Bass House, Dubstep and other bass centric genres. Every single element of this Read More

Bass House and Garage Loops and Samples

Bass centric music is where it’s at these days. Bass House, Garage, Trap, Dubstep, and Drumstep. And this week’s pack has the bass to make you the ace 😉 Okay, in all seriousness this pack is not focuses on bass. It’s a complete package for making bass centric music. People Read More

Trap Loops and Samples Starter Pack

Sometimes you need a little help getting started, and this week’s pack pick is all about having something to start with. This pack is a great place to start if you’re just getting into the Trap genre. OR, if you’re just getting into music production and Trap is the genre Read More

Trap Loops Samples and MIDI

I’ve often said I like when a pack includes MIDI, because it gives you flexibility. Often the main difference between genres is the sounds being used. So it’s perfectly possible to take an MIDI file made for one, and use it another. You just use the right sort of synth Read More

Dubstep and Trap Loop and Samples Pack

Modern Trap has a lot of influence from Dubstep, as well as Drumstep. One could almost call it trapstep, but that sounds a bit off, even for electronic music. This week’s pack is all about that cross-over sound. The key thing that ties it all together is the bass. And Read More

Dark Dubstep Loop and Sample Pack

A pack that blends Dubstep with Neurofunk, making for an all around dark and tense pack of sounds. One of the interesting things about electronic music is the sheer variety people have come up with. Genres splinter, morph, mutate, and sometimes end up right back where they started. It really Read More

Pop Trap Samples and Loops Pack

Just a quicky this week. This pack isn’t the best thing I’ve ever heard, but it does have a couple of things going for it. Mainly I would recommend it for the one shots. It has over 200 drum, bass and synth sounds. It’s not an essential pack, but you Read More

Dance Trap Loops and Sample Pack

Trap is an interesting genre, with a lot of different influences. Which makes packs of loops and samples aimed towards it good for people who like to work in different genres. That’s why I’m showcasing this week’s pack. With a focus on Trap and Breakdancing, it draws on several genres. Read More