Marked Man – New Jack Hoth Game Track

I programmed the drums for this track, then decided I wanted more to it. So I made a melody for it. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either, so I hired someone on Fiverr to take what I had done and rework it into something better on guitar. I Read More

More From Self Center Records

  I enjoyed the track from The Animals At Night so much I looked into their label to see what else was on offer. They just put up a new compilation album. If you’re into indie electronic music, and you want to check out something worthy, this is a good Read More

Philip Ackowsky – Heart of the Beat

  A simple, old school style House track. Drums, bass, vocals and a little bit of synth. If you like minimal EDM this is a good track for you, and the vocals add a nice bit of mystique to the track. Check out the artist on Facebook, and Soundcloud.

Learning to Fall By Unjay

I like this track. It’s got a bit of that dubstep and complextro going on, and a lot of old old school video game music influence. Not strictly chip-tune, but you can really hear the influence of classic video games. Especially Mario brothers circa N64.    

‘Ghost Island’ New EDM Trap Mix from DanoSongs

An interesting, jumbled up track. The sort of thing you might put on at a Halloween party. Has some nice vocal samples. And a good vibe that fits in with dubstep, trap or any of the bass focused, darker styles.    

Introduction to Life By Syker

A very mellow, but none the less EDM track. It’s tagged electronic pop, but I would peg it more as progressive deep EDM, with some trance elements. If you’re looking for something that works on the dance floor, just to listen to whenever, or even for chilling out… I think Read More

To The Party! By DJ Cyriaque

Uses an interesting mix of what sounds like military radio chatter, and funky vocals. The genre is deep house with some Electro and techno-house elements. I really dig the bass line on this track.    

You Bring Me Joy – Drew O’Neill

A solid Electro-Techno track for your enjoyment! It also has some Chip-Tune and funk elements. This one comes from Drew O’Neill and is called You Bring Me Joy.