Jeff the Killer (Acidhedz remix) Original by Sesseur

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When Creepy Pasta stories first became popular I found some of them to be interesting, but woefully amateur in their writing. Which is fine, since the charm of the first wave of stories was to appear less as stories, and more as urban legends. They weren’t supposed to be professional looking. But the cat is long out of the bag. The creepy pasta wave has crashed, and become a water logged coastline of memes, and endless derivative fanfic.

A while back I decided to tackle Jeff the Killer, probably the best known creepy pasta story, and rewrite it. Taking it from the realm of creepy pasta, into horror short story. Not seeking to “fix it”, but rather to polish it up in my own style.  Here is that effort. Enjoy.

Ryan Murphy

Part 1: The Bed Time Killer

Excerpt from your local newspaper:

Good news in the development of the bed time killer case. After several weeks of the police being baffled there has finally been a break in the case.

A young man survived an attack by the killer and has given the police a statement. At this time the young man’s name and his statement have not been released to us. They have, however, given us a description in order to keep the public aware and help them catch this murderer.

Chief Williams is quoted as saying: “The perpetrator has been described as a having some resemblance to the Joker from the Batman series. Large eyes, possibly with black make up or burns around them. A jagged, scarred up mouth set in a perpetual grin. He is very pale and has unkempt hair. Considering the state of the perp we can assume he knows how to stay out of sight, however if you should see anyone matching this description please do not approach him, secure yourself and call 911 ASAP.

I would also like to restate the earlier warnings that if you have children between the ages of 6 and 12, please do everything you can to secure them between the hours of 8 and midnight. As those are the ages of the children attacked and the time frame they took place in. So far the killer has not shown any signs of changing his MO in response to our warnings.
Thank you, that is all.”

Bobby was scared, just like all the kids at school were scared. He looked at the clock, it was bed time. After a long, long while, he finally fell asleep.

He woke up from a nightmare and looked over at his clock, it was blinking 12:00, like the power had gone out. He looked around the room with bleary eyes and noticed the window was open. Wait… not just open, broken.
He looked around again, and noticed his closet was open, just a little bit. And that’s when every hair on his young body stood on end. Just barely, he could see eyes inside. Large, unblinking, dark eyes. Just catching the moonlight as it poured through the busted in window.

For a long time Bobby was too scared to move, then he screamed. That was when the door opened and the bed time killer walked out. Bobby could hear his parents scrambling out in the hall, trying to open the door. It was locked and a chair was in front of it.

Bobby looked up and the killer was smiling at him…. no, his mouth was cut up, the lips were gone. His face had been mutilated into a permanent grin. And the eyes, too big in the mans head. Something was wrong with them, but Bobby didn’t know what it was. He screamed again and again as the man came closer and closer, and closer. Not rushing, just a methodical advance.
Finally he reached Bobby and jumped on him. He bent down and slammed his hand over the boys mouth, cutting off his screams. Bobby went deaf. Some part of his mind could hear his parents trying to bash the door down, and screaming that the police were coming. But every last shred of his senses were fixed on the evil creature, once human, but something… less now, that sat on him and held him firm.

The killer bent down and licked Bobby’s forehead and laughed gutturally as the smell of piss and shit filled the air. He got down right by Bobby’s ear and said, in a perfectly calm voice. “Enough noise, time to go to sleep.” With that statement, he pulled a knife from his waste-band. He poked it into Bobby’s head and arms a few times, chuckling at each whimper. It was a shiv, a long razor fixed to a handle of some sort with black tape. He brought the knife up and brought it down hard…

Bobby woke up in the hospital. He had been stabbed, but survived. Just as the killer was bringing the knife down to pierce his heart, his father had broken the door down. That had been just enough to startle the killer into missing. Just.

There had been a struggle and Bobby’s father Bob Sr had been slashed up pretty badly. His mother also had to have stitches in her arms where the mad man had slashed at her.
He had managed to get away. Jumping through the patio doors like it was nothing, and running off into the night as the sound of police sirens got closer. Too late as usual.

Once the Dr cleared Bobby to speak, he told the Police everything that I have told you now.

Jeff The Killer (acidhedz remix) Part two: Jeff

I have managed to piece together, I think, who the killer is. No one believes me, they all think he died a long time ago. But I remember the story. So I am going to tell it to you. It’s pieced together from news reporters, police files, and psychiatric files. I will admit that I had to fill in the blanks to make it into more of a story than just a report on facts.

It’s a story about a boy named Jeff. Jeff was just a kid, like any other kid. 13, with a 11 year old brother named Louis, that everyone called Lou. But he did have a temper. A pretty bad temper. He was in care for his temper, and had to take pills that kept him more… even.

There had been an incident at his last school, bad enough that they moved. New town, new meds, a place to start over. Fortunately his dad worked at a big corporation and it hadn’t been hard for him to get a promotion to head the local branch. The pay was only a little better, but what the hell if it caused him 10x the stress, as long as he was giving his son a chance to make good and get past what had happened.

They were unpacking their stuff when a neighbor came over. “Hi.” She said, and Jeff rolled his eyes. Lou elbowed him. She had one of those high, fluting voices that all soccer moms seem to possess. “My name is Barbara, everyone calls me Barb. I live across the street from you, right over there.” She had to point because it was a gated community where every house looked identical. “I wanted to come over and welcome you to the community, introduce myself and if he will come over here, my son. BILLY!” She called out to a small boy about Lou’s age. “Billy! Come over and meet our new neighbors!”

Introductions went all around and by the end of it Jeff and Louis were going to go to Billy’s birthday party. Jeff wanted to say he didn’t want to go, but Lou seemed up for it, and he thought it would probably be rude to say something right there in front of the little twerp.
Latter on, when they were done carrying stuff in, Jeff found his mother and told her he didn’t want to go to the party. “Mom, why’d you tell them I would go to that kid’s party? I’m a teenager now, I can’t hang around with little kids like that.”

Carol, his mother, sighed the sigh only a mother can know. The exasperated sigh of a long suffering woman who really wishes her problem child would settle down a bit. Of course this was just the usual kids growing up stuff, not like… well, best not to dwell on the past right.
“Jeff hon, we just moved in. We don’t know anyone here yet. These communities expect the residents to get to know each other and do stuff together. That’s the point of living in one.”
“What? So I have to do it because the community police think I should?”

“Dammit Jeff! This is a chance for your brother to get to know the local kids, and your father and I to get to know some of the adults. You might meet some people your own age you know, you aren’t the only older brother in the world. You might even meet a pretty girl or two.” She nudged him and smiled while he got embarressed and shuffled his feet. “Moooom.” “Oh go on then. And we are going to the party, so get used to the idea, maybe TRY to look foreward to it. You never know what good things might happen.”

Jeff was mad when he got to his room. It wasn’t fair, life wasn’t fair, nothing was fair. He didn’t want to go to some stupid kids party. He could feel the rage burning somewhere down in his gut. A feeling of heat in his head and worms squirming inside his skull. He near threw himself down onto his bed and punched a pillow with a snarl on his face till it went away. Feeling exhausted and frustrated with the world he lay there till it was time to go down for supper.

The next monday he got ready for his first day of school, taking care to not be rough with the burn scars on his left side. He grugingly got his clothes on, and went down to eat breakfast.

Eggs, waffles, bacon and sausage. A nice meal. He liked all these things, but after he ate there came the things he didn’t like. A trio of medicine bottles. Celexa, Lexapro and Wellbutrin. For anti-depressent, anti-anxiety and anger management purposes. He hated taking pills, but he knew he had a problem. So he took them, he could feel the anger crawling around inside him somewhere, but the drugs started acting on him pretty quickly now that he had been on them a while. The latest dose to keep the levels in his system balanced.

He had forgotten to take them over the weekend, and his mother had forgotten to make sure he didn’t forget.

He and his brother went outside to wait for the school bus. The stop was just a short way down the street, and there were already some local kids there. One they recognized as Billy.
As they got closer they could see Billy was upset, and the other three were talking to him. No… teasing him. They were all a bit older than Jeff, one was a lot bigger though. Great thought Jeff, just what I need today, the local bullies.

“Well, well lookie lookie what we got here me pallies. Seems we got our selves some newbie woobies.” The larger boy spoke with an affected, accent. The other two smirked at how he was talking. Jeff assumed it was a joke, or a reference to something they all were into. To him it just sounded retarded.

“Right’O scally waggies, this here is the bus stop and if you want on the bus without any…” He paused and made a show of thinking. “Accidents. You have to pay our little tollie wollie. Right, right Tommy boy?” “Right, right Randy.” One of the others said. One was kind of fat, but looked like he could rip any of the younger boys in half, a bulldog of a boy. The other one, Tommy, was tall and skinny, like breathing on him hard enough could knock him over. The third, Randy, looked like he had stepped out of a young teen romance novel. Built and already very handsome for his age. From his clothes to his manners he had the feel of someone used to getting his way. Rich brat in other words.

Jeff decided to tell them where they could take their accident and shove it. “Now, now me boyo, no need for such hurtful language.” He said, still speaking in that odd sing song manner. “Sounds like we have ourselves a little boy with a big man somewhere down in his guttie wots.” He smiled a very unpleasent smile at Jeff. “Keith, show them how we negotiate.” With that he had dropped the act and his tone was as ugly as the smile.

The bulldog boy pulled a shiv out of his pants. A paint handle with a bit of sharpened metal duct taped to it.

At the site of the weapon Lou and Jeff froze. Jeff heard himself say are you serious to them, not even a question so much as utter disbelief at the situation.

Randy moved forward and started going through their pockets, and feeling them where he shouldn’t. Lou started to cry after Randy had his hand in his pocket for quite some time, and Jeff could feel the anger rising up. So that was why Billy had been crying, the guy wasn’t just a thug, he was also a perv. And now he was doing something nasty to his brother.

Jeff yelled at him. “Hey you fucking pervert, get your hands off my brother or I’m gonna take that away from your bitch and shove it up your ass!”

“Oh Real…” He didn’t get a chance to finish as Jeff punched him square in the face. Broken nose, check. Fractured jaw, check. Randy went down to his knees clutching his face, and that was when all hell broke loose.

Bulldog boy came at Jeff with the knife and found himself laying on the ground face up. Jeff knew some Judo and had managed to toss him over. The shiv went skittering off on the pavement. Skinny took a swing and knocked Jeff in the side of his head pretty good, but he didn’t have the muscle to do any real damage. Jeff slammed him in the gut, which put him on the ground too.
He heard Billy and Lou both yelling and turned around just in time to see Randy coming at him with the blade. He face was already swelling up, and it was a real bloody mess. His nose looked about 4 times bigger. Jeff stepped to the side and tripped him, then walked over and kicked him in the side a couple of times.

Then he picked up the shiv and looked at it. He smiled and looked down at Randy. Kneeling down he stuck his hand down Randy’s pants and said, “how about I take this from you? How does that sound Randy? You perverted fuck!” The last was a guttural snarl.

“Jeff, stop! Don’t do anything crazy. It’s over, we’re okay, just leave them alone and lets get oout of here before the bus comes!” Lou had ahold of his brothers arm, keeping him from slicing into what he had pulled out of the other boy’s pants. Jeff looked blankly at his brother and finally nodded. He let go, dropped the blade and the three boys ran off.

That day at school Jeff was worried all day, but that was it. It was strange, enough so that it took him a while to figure out what was different. He wasn’t angry. Not just because of the drugs, those only dulled the rage to a lower level. This was new, different. He wasn’t pissed off about… anything. He was calm. That’s how he had felt during the fight. Calm. And… happy. He had really enjoyed it. Most of all when he had Randy at his mercy and was about to cut off his dick. He really wished Lou hadn’t stopped him. He had really wanted to find out what that would look and feel like.

It lasted pretty much all day. A feeling of power and control. They walked home to avoid the bus. It had been pulling up as they ran away and everyone had seen them. No one talked to he or Lou all day, and Billy’s friends made a point of avoiding him. The school knew that something bad had happened, and they had decided the new kids were to blame. Jeff knew it was only a matter of time till the axe came down, but till then, he felt… good, and he wanted to hold onto that as long as he could.

The next day he and Lou had to go to the principles office. Police officers and their parents were waiting.

In the end they were sent home. Jeff was in trouble for going too far of course, people had seen him kick Randy and that he had done something else to him, but Randy and his little “gang” were known to be trouble makers. Billy had given a statement that held up their side of things. No one brought up the sexual assault or attempted castration. Jeff almost did, but when he saw the look on his brother’s face he stopped.

In the end they were almost heroes once the facts came out and got through the school gossip chain. Randy still had a few other buddies that might be a problem, but for the moment Jeff and Lou were riding high.

And he also found out a lot of people were coming to Billy’s party. So maybe that wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Jeff the Killer (acidhedz remix) Part Three: The Party

That Saturday Jeff woke up to his mother opening his curtains and saying his name. “Wha… it’s Saturday mom! What gives?”

“Don’t play that game with me Jeffery, today is the party. It’s going to be starting in a couple of hours and you’ve slept most of the day away. So get up off your ass and go get ready.”
Grumbling teenager grumbles he went and got ready to go to the party.

When he got down stairs he saw that his parents were going formal. She was wearing one of her really nice gowns and he had on his party tux. “Oh come on Jeff, this is supposed to be a nice party, can’t you find anything better to wear than that?” She said in her best mother’s scolding tone. “Well I would rather go casual than show up over dressed.” He retorted, not bothering to hide the snark in his voice.

His father joined in, “Hey smart ass, your brother put on a nice outfit without us having to tell him to. Now get back up stairs and find something respectable. It wont kill you to dress up a bit. Girls LIKE a guy that can dress up sharp.” He added and patted Jeff on the shoulder, before giving his a little push towards the stairs.

In the end Jeff settled on a pair of pin stripe, black slacks, but he couldn’t find any decent shirts. All he could find were shirts with the stipe going sideways, and tee shirts with band and movie stuff on them. He finally settled on the only thing that worked with the black pants very well, a white hoodie.

As he came down the stairs he heard his mother breathe out sharply in irritation, not unexpectedly.
“Oh come on Jeff! Really? That’s what you decided to put on? Do I need to take you shopping? I mean, you must be nearly out of clothes. What am I going to do with you?”

“Mom, I tried to find something else, but all my shirts have the stripe going the wrong way or bands and stuff on them. I’m not stupid, this was the only thing I could find that matched the pants. I still have that Hawaiian shirt from the vacation, you want me to go put that on?”
Rolling her eyes at him she said. “Oh whatever, fine. We don’t have time for me to go up and find you something now, so come on.”

They walked over to Billy’s house and knocked on the door. His mom opened it and welcomed them all, fawned over how handsome the boys looked for a moment, before shuffling them off to the huge back yard where all the kids were. The adults were inside, and pretty much all of them were dressed up. Jeff mentally shrugged and decided all adults were weird, not just his parents.
The yard was a mix of kids of different ages, there were a few from school his age, most were a couple of years younger, Billy and his brother’s age. There was also a scattering of little kids running around playing cowboys and indians.

Jeff socialized a bit, but even with his new found cool status he didn’t really know anyone, so became a bit of a wallflower.

Then one of the little kids came up to him. “Hi!” It was a little girl. Cute and infectiously perky as only little kids can be. “Wanna come play with us? You look sad and you should be having fun cause this is a party and you are suh’posss’ed to have fun at a party okay!”

Jeff couldn’t help but smile at her, and went over to play with the kids. Before too long everyone had joined in and teen to tot they were all having a good old time.

Then things went quiet. “Hey Jeff.” Lou nudged him. “Look who’s here.”

He looked up and of course it was Randy and his gang. They had come in through the back gate and none of the adults had noticed.

Jeff motioned for the little kids to get out of the way. “Hey, there are a lot of kids here man, you wanna get your ass kicked again, fine. But not here.”

“You don’t get to tell me how this goes down fuckwad.” Randy honked at him through his busted nose and mouth. “Your name’s Jeff right. Well Jeff, the cops really have it in for me cause of you and that little cunt over there (he points at Billy) if I’m going to get locked up, I’m getting my money’s worth.”

At that moment several of the parents came out of the house. “You need to leave Randy, no one wants you here.”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP OLD MAN!” Randy screamed as best he could. Then his buddies pulled guns and pointed them at the kids. A woman screamed and everyone went very still.


“No! You listen! I’m gonna teach this bitch a lesson and NO ONE is going to get in the way or my boys open up on your stinking brats. We’re going to be put up on charges either way, so we aint got nothing to lose!”

Randy rushed at Jeff and they both went down onto the ground. They rolled around trying to punch each other or grab onto something, and eventually Randy got a hole of Jeff’s hair and started slamming his head onto the grass. Which didn’t hurt all that much, but it didn’t feel very good either. Jeff managed to get Randy off him by pressing his forehead against the boys nose, hard.

Jeff got to his feet and Randy followed holding his nose and glaring at Jeff with nothing but hate in his eyes.

They circled each other slowly, then started throwing punches. Randy caught Jeff with a wild haymaker, that made him drop like a stone. He lay there on the ground dazed, trying to shake some sense back into his head, knowing how bad his position was.
The first kick made something tear in his side, the second broke at least two ribs. Before Randy could lay another kick into him, Jeff managed to slam his arm into Randy’s legs and make him stumble away.

Jeff started getting to his feet, shaking and holding his side. Randy ran and kicked him in the side of the head, sending him slamming into the patio doors. They cracked under the force he had hit them with, and he heard his mother screaming for help. Then Randy kicked him again and he blacked out. He came to moments later and was surprised to see furniture.

Looking around confused he realized Randy had kicked him through the patio doors. He could feel something wet on his face, and his back felt wrong. Loose.

Randy followed him in and pulled him up off the floor, then sent him head first into a liquor cabinet. Jeff was numb, his eyes burned from the alcohol that splashed onto him from several broken bottles.

“Oh come on! This is the same fucking bastard that beat us all up the other day? The great hero of Fairview High!? Give me a fucking break! Come on Jeff, get up! GET UP! Fight me you little piece of shit!”

Jeff struggled to his feet, he wanted it to stop. He held up his hands, trying to tell Randy he had had enough. He felt strange, detached. Not angry at all, like during the fight. But this time he was losing and it didn’t feel good. It sucked. He knew he was cut up bad and coughed from the stench of alcohol.

“Well lookie here, looks like mr tough guy wants to give up.” Randy said in a hateful, mocking tone. “Nope Jeff, you don’t get off that easy. I want a fight and we’re going to fight until one of us is dead.”

Suddenly there was a loud bang outside. Jeff slowly looked over and saw Billy and his brother both falling down. Skinny was looking at them with a shocked look on his face.

Randy just laughed. “Looks like I’m getting all my birthdays and holidays at once Jeff.”

Jeff screamed. He wasn’t aware of the crying and screaming of Billy and his parents. Everything suddenly went detuned and defused. All he could see was Randy.

He lept at the boy with a broken bottle and shoved it into his stomach. Randy was rather surprised by this development by all accounting. He looked down and couldn’t say a single word as he fell back. Jeff, or the demon wearing his skin as some would later say, stomped his foot down onto the bottle, then knelt down and started battering Randy’s lifeless head.

After a long minute or two of beating the boy’s limp remains, he turned his gaze onto the two out in the yard. Everyone else was gasping and fixed on Jeff. As bad as Randy’s attack had been, the pure savagery Jeff displayed was beyond the pale. Animalistic.

He started moving towards them, but they started shooting. Mostly missing. Several parents were hit, but thankfully none were killed. Jeff ran, he got hit once, but was far too gone to care. He ran for the stairs with the two boys running after him.

They played a fast game of cat and mouse in the upstairs hall, skinny and bulldog firing till their guns ran out of ammunition. Both swore as Jeff ran into a bathroom and threw there guns down. They knew that without the guns the adults downstairs would have no reason to stay back, so they had to finish this as quick as possible. Although both were starting to wonder just how they fuck they had let Randy talk them into this.

Both pulled shivs from their waste-bands and started into the bathroom after Jeff.
Jeff had pulled a towel rack off the wall and was holding it like a bat as they came into the room. He swung at Skinny, who dodged out of the way, but connected solidly with bulldog. The boy grunted and fell to the floor. A pool of blood slowly formed where he had fallen, his eyes flickering and after what seemed to be a very long time, stopped moving.

Skinny lunged at Jeff, wanting to get closer so he couldn’t swing the makeshift club properly, and got his hands on Jeff’s neck. Both boys had dropped their weapons and started grappling in the confined space, made even more so by the body of bulldog.

They stumbled and slammed into a shelf knocking over a bottle of bleach that started leaking because the lid wasn’t screwed on tightly enough. Jeff was on top as they slammed onto the floor and he started bashing into skinny like a little hellion. After moments, although skinny would later say it was a long time, Jeff pulled back away from him exhausted. Skinny was battered like a piece of cod, but still alive and coherent.

The two boys just stared at each other for a time, then they heard people coming. Skinny started laughing as he pulled something out of his pocket. Jeff’s senses had returned enough for him to ask “what are you laughing at?”

“This.” Was the reply as he held up a lighter and sat up. “You’re covered in some pretty strong shit Jeff, if you come any closer I will light you up like a bon fire.”

Jeff snarled at him and started moving towards him, and Skinny popped open the old flint and steel lighter, struck it and held it out as Jeff come at him. Jeff’s hand reached for the lighter and flames flickered into life, then raced up his arm. He tried to beat the fire down, but all that did was light up his other arm. Within moments his whole upper body was on fire and he screamed. And screamed. And screamed.

He stumbled back into the shelved and the bleach busted open, dousing him. And then everything faded out to black.

Jeff the Killer (acidhedz remix) Part Four: Shhhhhh…. Go to sleep

Jeff was still in the hospital. It had been almost a month since the fight. He had had a hard time of it when he first woke up. A tube down his throat, IV’s, ICU. He was messed up, bad. Especially his face. No one would talk to him about his face. He remembered what had happened, and being a fan of Batman the Animated series he had the sinking feeling that he was playing the role of two face in this production.

His head was still wrapped up, from the burns they said. He was still only able to see blurry shapes, shadows against the glare of light. They had told him his eyes were burned by the alcohol, and then by the fire and bleach. He wasn’t going to be blind they didn’t think.
But he was mostly worried about what his face looked like.

Lou had survived getting shot. Billy hadn’t. Unfortunately Billy had taken most of the force of the shot and Lou had only been wounded. Jeff was glad Lou was okay, and knew he should feel sad about Billy, but he didn’t. He was glad he was dead instead of Lou.

Burns are painful, and they take a long time to heal. Jeff already knew that from the last time he had been burnt. Back in his old school he had gotten into a fight in science class and had gotten burned bad all down his left side. That was why they had moved in the first place. He had hurt the other kid pretty bad, and even though he managed to not get put in juvie no one wanted to deal with him there any more. So they moved.

Jeff spent a long time laying in that hospital bed, thinking. Something had changed in him during the fight. But he didn’t know what.
He wasn’t going to face any charges the Police told him. There were more than enough witnesses backing him up, it was self defense. And if they left out a few details? Oh well. Randy had pushed him to the breaking point and paid the price. Skinny ended up in jail. He had been tried as an adult, and convicted.

All these things passed, and then it was time to face the music. No one had talked to him about his face. The doctors had talked to his parents. He had over heard some of it. Unusual case. Hadn’t needed skin grafts on his face, but there were complications. Little scraps that didn’t tell him anything.

When they took off the bandages for good, the reaction was just what he was afraid of. His mother cried, his father tried to put on a brave face, his brother gasped and couldn’t look him in the eye.

He went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. His lips were the first thing he noticed. They were an angry red, not the color of blood, but of a badly healed burn. His eyebrows were gone, making him look even more startled than he was. The effect was actually rather comical, and he began to chuckle.

They had remodeled his nose, but it was too flat, almost not there at all. His skin was rough, and very, very pale. Except around his eyes, there were charred rings around his eyes. What hair had grown back was ratty and a greasy looking black, rather than the honey brown hair he used to have. His mother had always told him how beautiful his hair was…

His family were… startled, when he started to laugh. “I’m the Joker! It’s perfect, this is who I really am! The angry clown!” He just kept laughing and laughing and crying all at once at the strange little joke fate had played on him.

Very worried his parents spoke to the doctor, but he reassured them. “He is still on some strong pain killers and this kind of reaction is pretty typical. He will need to see a psychologist till he comes to terms with how he looks, and of course once he is healed fully we can talk about plastic surgery.”

A few days later it was time for Jeff to go home. He had been acting a bit off in the hospital, but everyone put it off onto shock. Which it probably was partially. However, no one took the time to do a proper psych eval on him. They sent in someone who was busy, over worked, hadn’t had enough sleep, hadn’t eaten enough for lunch. Hey, we’ve all been there. And if he rushed through the interview faster than he should have, and was too distracted to notice some warning signs, we can still forgive him. Like I said, we’ve all been there, done that at one point or another. Rushed a job for any number of reasons.

So they took Jeff home. Putting up with his strange smile, wide eyes that never seemed to blink and ghastly appearance. Lou even joked with him that he could star in some horror movies now. Jeff just smiled wider and nodded like an eager 6 year old.

For a few days thing almost seemed to settle down. Jeff wasn’t going to be going back to school for a while. So he spent most of his days at home. Staring at himself in mirrors and smiling at himself.

Then late in the night, 9 days after his release, Jeff woke his parents up. He was in the bathroom crying and laughing again, very loudly.

His mother went in to comfort him once again, but stopped when she saw him. Blood dripped down onto the sink from a pair of scissors and Jeff’s face. He had used them to cut his face up, into an obscene smile.

“Jeff! Oh god Jeff, what are you doing to yourself!” She moaned.

“I wanted to keep smiling for everyone. Put on a brave face.” He started, blood mixed with spit flowing down his chin, onto his chest. “But I couldn’t keep it up momma, it hurt to keep it up. Now I can smile all the time, smile, smile, smile forever!”

He turned to the mirror and touched his face tenderly, caressing it.

“And I cut off my eye lids so I can keep looking at my lovely face. They got tired so they had to go momma.” He turned to look at her and she saw what he had done, and she started backing away.
“What’s the matter momma?” He asked, and angry tone in his voice. “Don’t you think I’m BEEEEUUUUUUTIIIIIFUL?”

“Yes Jeff, you’re my little angel, you’re always beautiful to me.” She sobbed. “Just stay there Jeff, I need to get your father up so we can take you to the hospital.”

She rushed into the bedroom and was telling Jeff’s father, panicking, when she let out a grunt. Jeff was behind her with the scissors, and had stabbed her in the back. For a moment pain and sadness flashed across his face, then came the rage again. “You lied momma, you lied to me.”

I think it’s best to not describe what he did to his parents and brother in details. It’s best you don’t try to imagine it either.

However, I can guess what happened after he was done with his parents. It’s only a guess based on the testimony of that boy that survived. And no one takes me seriously. Too much of what I’ve told you is guess work. But it all fits when you step back and add the pieces together. Even if Jeff is supposed to be dead.

I think his brother woke up and called out, not realizing what was going on. I think he probably shrugged it off and tried to go back to sleep, but heard something. Maybe he just felt a pair of unblinking eyes staring at him from the dark hallway.

I think he started to get up and Jeff grabbed him, forced him back down and said something to him. “Enough noise, shhhhhhhh, time to go to sleep.” And I think this act destroyed whatever was left of Jeff the poor young man with an anger problem. I think what left that house that night was Jeff… the Killer.

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