The Lie

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There is a lie we tell… That passion is like heaven or hell.

Truer to say it’s like a drug cartel. An obsession on which we dwell.

Love is the word we yell. Fucking is the drive that compel.

Such a cute girl with hair like caramel. Her smile for a while darkness dispel.

True I want to know her very well. But even more I want to kiss her citadel.

Make her reach heights of orgasmic decibel. She brings out the pervert within and propel.

Towards lust her sight does impel. Longing to unleash my sword and impale.

Taste sweat, skin, her scent inhale. Kiss every inch, lick the pastel.

If she’d be my honey, I’d be her carousel.

When you want it all, mind, body, heart and soul what line do you sell?

Romance, desire, lust, love… what does she want you to tell?

I’d give them all given the chance to excel.


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