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Why do I stare when I see your face?

Why do I look away and run from your space?


Why do you fill me with such dread?

Why do I run leaving all these things unsaid?


Why do I find you in my thoughts from dusk to dusk?

Why do you fill me with longing, desire and lust?


Why do i want to kiss you savagely from crown to twain?

Why do I want to ravage you with my passion again and again?


Why does the sight of you bring me joy?

Why do I shake like a child’s wind up toy?


Why does your face invade every fantasy?

Why do I want to bring you to ecstasy?


Why was it you and not someone else?

Why do you torment me and make me hate myself?


Why do I write about this because I cannot speak?

Why do I feel like a terrible, horrible, freaky, fucking creep?


Why does this hurt so fucking much?

Why do I yearn so much for your touch?


Why do I sit here with this paper and pen?

Why do I let you slip away in regret again?



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