Anxiety Bastard

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Just a smile in the pouring rain.

Or a kiss, to soothe the souls pain.

Rush in the breast, beating it’s furious refrain.

Death of the mind, a hopeful bloodstain.

On and on the vision will go in vain.

Nothing but this addiction to a face I can’t abstain.

Is happiness for others? When darkness inside will reign.

Succor and sadness, to see her, and fear a word she deign.

Beat into pulp hope and love with every sight I gain.

Each time I go, the need grows, and the knowledge that I am bane.

Asking why she would see a thing of value in this pathetic frame.

Unobtainable the sought after heart I seek to attain.

To desire one so badly and have it torment one’s brain.

Inside a hunger to taste lips, like a fiend for cocaine.

Furious thoughts, anxiety, piercing the soul, it’s my chain.

Under a moon that sneers down on desires profane.

Look of innocence, so sweet, lust and desire I ascertain.

Leave me in a bloody pool with barbed words that pertain.

Tacit in my actions, what is felt, speech always restrain.

Obdurate in the face of what I obfuscate as happiness wane.

Many times the beat is broken and silence cuts twain.

Ears listen for a smile, but expect only disdain.

Abase on my fear, but it is the view of the view of this window pane.

Never before a feeling so strong as this campaign.

Deeply moving through, like a shock that will drain.

Intimate what you will, I believe my meaning is plain.

Wishing to be seen as more than a customer in your domain.

A man that may be interesting, a notion could you entertain?

Nerves break and the heart beats like a runaway train.

Tangible anxiety blowing through as a hurricane.

Hapless clown caught in illusions of his own legerdemain.

Eros and cupid, one and the same, ravage walking down my lane.

Reveal emotions coursing through, driving me insane.


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