Trap Loops and Samples Starter Pack

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Sometimes you need a little help getting started, and this week’s pack pick is all about having something to start with.

This pack is a great place to start if you’re just getting into the Trap genre. OR, if you’re just getting into music production and Trap is the genre you want to work in.

As well as a perfect pack for DJs who like to mix their own stuff live.

Rather than having folders of beats, synths, bass, etc, etc… This pack contains all the pieces you need to make 40 complete songs. All royalty free. Of course you can put them together however you want, mix and match, and use the parts with stuff from other packs. That’s where your creativity comes in.

It not only gives you 1.7GB of stuff to work with, it also gives you a platform to work from. Which is great for those just starting out on their sonic journey.


Trap Loops and Samples


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