Bass House and Garage Loops and Samples

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Bass centric music is where it’s at these days. Bass House, Garage, Trap, Dubstep, and Drumstep.

And this week’s pack has the bass to make you the ace 😉

Okay, in all seriousness this pack is not focuses on bass. It’s a complete package for making bass centric music. People tend to forget that a lot of what makes those genres work, is all the other stuff. Not just the bass. It’s easy to spend ages working on the bass, and neglect the rest.

But you can’t have a drop without something to lead up to it. Without all the bleeps, bloops, beeps, horn stabs, arpeggio lines and pads… there’s just bass and drums. Which isn’t bad, but can get boring.

This pack has a nice selection of bass and drums, but where it shines is everything else. All the little bits and bobs that bring a track to life.

At a bit over 800MB, it’s a pack to expand your library, not start it off.


Bass House and Garage Loops and Samples


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