Dark Dubstep Loop and Sample Pack

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A pack that blends Dubstep with Neurofunk, making for an all around dark and tense pack of sounds. One of the interesting things about electronic music is the sheer variety people have come up with. Genres splinter, morph, mutate, and sometimes end up right back where they started. It really is quite interesting.

This pack takes advantage of that to give you intriguing combinations of sounds and styles. It’s a dark trip through a twisted mindscape.

At just under 800MB, it’s got a good selection of stuff to work with. I think the real star are the beats and FX. But it includes some really good bass as well. I also really love that it has 60 MIDI files, since that gives you flexibility.

One of the other packs I did a post on was Evil dubstep, and this pack pairs with it VERY well. I would call this a supplemental pack. It has everything you need to start making tracks, but it really needs to be paired with a larger pack of less specialized sounds to get the most out of it.


Dark Dubstep Loops and Samples


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