Libertarians – Thomas Jefferson the Non-Argument

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Since I did that post yesterday, I thought I would follow up on another thought.

Libertarians like to point to Thomas Jefferson quotes and claim him as one of their own, as if it would mean anything. But here’s why it doesn’t, and never will.

Let’s start with population. In 1800 roughly 5.3 million people lived in The United States of America. Jefferson was elected in 1801. So let’s think about that. Over 8 million people live in New York City today. LA has just shy of 4 million. Yes, take that in. The population of one city today is greater than the total population of the USA when Jefferson was elected president.

Most people lived in smallish communities. Now most people live in cities.
Back then, most people hunted for their food, made their clothing, and didn’t rely on mega-corp stores for everything.

There weren’t any massive corporations. Pollution wasn’t a thing. They had no idea about things like the Ozone layer, global warming, causes of cancer, etc.
The rights of anyone not straight, white and male were minimal to nonexistent. (I’m not one of those self-hating straight white guys, but this IS simple fact).

Practically everything was different in social, political and everyday life. Electricity! Cars! There was no issue of energy, no potential energy crisis. No nuclear power and all the concerns that go along with it. Or nukes for that matter.

Time did what it always does. Change things. Life is different. The world is different. The needs of the society are different. Trying to apply things Jefferson said 200 years ago to modern government is just stupid.

So the next time you seem some libertarian quoting Jefferson, let them know it’s been almost 200 years since he died and suggest they join us back here in the modern world.

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