Dubstep and Trap Loop and Samples Pack

Modern Trap has a lot of influence from Dubstep, as well as Drumstep. One could almost call it trapstep, but that sounds a bit off, even for electronic music.

This week’s pack is all about that cross-over sound.

The key thing that ties it all together is the bass. And this pack was made by people who know it. There’s over 60 bass one shots, and over 100 bass loops.

All in there’s over 1.5GB of stuff to work with. Including over 70 MIDI files, which I always like to see because it means you can work in your own sounds along with the loops. It also has a large collection of drum hits, over 250, and includes a bit of everything you need. Making this a really good starter pack for the beginner music producer.


Trap and Dubstep Loops and Samples


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Dark Dubstep Loop and Sample Pack

A pack that blends Dubstep with Neurofunk, making for an all around dark and tense pack of sounds. One of the interesting things about electronic music is the sheer variety people have come up with. Genres splinter, morph, mutate, and sometimes end up right back where they started. It really is quite interesting.

This pack takes advantage of that to give you intriguing combinations of sounds and styles. It’s a dark trip through a twisted mindscape.

At just under 800MB, it’s got a good selection of stuff to work with. I think the real star are the beats and FX. But it includes some really good bass as well. I also really love that it has 60 MIDI files, since that gives you flexibility.

One of the other packs I did a post on was Evil dubstep, and this pack pairs with it VERY well. I would call this a supplemental pack. It has everything you need to start making tracks, but it really needs to be paired with a larger pack of less specialized sounds to get the most out of it.


Dark Dubstep Loops and Samples


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Big sales on Loop and Sample Packs

Libertarians – Thomas Jefferson the Non-Argument

Since I did that post yesterday, I thought I would follow up on another thought.

Libertarians like to point to Thomas Jefferson quotes and claim him as one of their own, as if it would mean anything. But here’s why it doesn’t, and never will.

Let’s start with population. In 1800 roughly 5.3 million people lived in The United States of America. Jefferson was elected in 1801. So let’s think about that. Over 8 million people live in New York City today. LA has just shy of 4 million. Yes, take that in. The population of one city today is greater than the total population of the USA when Jefferson was elected president.

Most people lived in smallish communities. Now most people live in cities.
Back then, most people hunted for their food, made their clothing, and didn’t rely on mega-corp stores for everything.

There weren’t any massive corporations. Pollution wasn’t a thing. They had no idea about things like the Ozone layer, global warming, causes of cancer, etc.
The rights of anyone not straight, white and male were minimal to nonexistent. (I’m not one of those self-hating straight white guys, but this IS simple fact).

Practically everything was different in social, political and everyday life. Electricity! Cars! There was no issue of energy, no potential energy crisis. No nuclear power and all the concerns that go along with it. Or nukes for that matter.

Time did what it always does. Change things. Life is different. The world is different. The needs of the society are different. Trying to apply things Jefferson said 200 years ago to modern government is just stupid.

So the next time you seem some libertarian quoting Jefferson, let them know it’s been almost 200 years since he died and suggest they join us back here in the modern world.

Libertarians Defeated

This is a comment I left to respond to a libertarian fuckwit on youtube. Typical argument tactics for his kind. Ignore everything said to him and loads of logical fallacies. In this case he pretty much just kept telling me how I didn’t know what I was talking about. You’d think it that were the case he could have easily come up with some form of rebuttal to what I said, but nope. Just kept repeating that I didn’t know what I was talking about.

I can’t help but wonder in what world someone like that lives, where they don’t have to prove anything. They just have to say it, and that apparently makes it true.

Anyway, here’s the comment. It’s pretty long, but I got on a roll and decided to go for it.


The Comment

“You claim I don’t know what I’m talking about, but why can’t you resolve any of the fundamentally wrong issues with libertarian thought?


By what objective criteria is harm judged?
Or force, or aggression, or any other buzz word you all like to use?
How are you not making personal value judgements and expecting everyone to conform to what YOU think? Which is its self an act of aggression.


And at what point does this take effect? Some libertarians don’t think any action should be taken till some form of harm actually occurs. And yet, by taking actions that lead to harm, rights have been violated.
Aggression has happened.
You claim they wont do it anyway… then the regulations don’t matter. But if they would do it anyway, then the regulations are there to prevent such acts of harm.
Where does it start? Or end? Who gets to say when any given act of aggression is bad enough to warrant an act of aggression (regulation) to prevent it? Or not?


And what about consequences? Businesses aren’t afraid of lawsuits to begin with…
but who the fuck do you think you are to say that lawsuits should be the final arbiter of wrongdoing? That something has to go wrong before anything should happen?
What’s your math?
You say get rid of things like environmental regulations? What’s the value you’re placing on human life compared to the value of letting businesses risk them? Show me your equation. Go there. Show me how a human life is worth less than the “right” of a business to be allowed to decide to do shit that could harm people.


And how about drug testing? Do we get rid of the FDA?
How naive are you concerning businesses? If they can make 10 billion with a dodgy drug, and estimate the loss of 1 billion to lawsuits… then they will still sell the fucking thing! Hundreds of people could die, they would still make a fortune, and there’s a whole lot of your ilk that think that’s fine.


Why can’t you address the simple fact that the libertarian fantasy doesn’t take into account things like greed and apathy? If it doesn’t outright celebrate them in a sociopathic Ayn Rand war dance.
That the people you expect to self govern efficiently, are the same assholes who can’t even obey simple traffic laws.


You claim to not be anarchistic, but at a fundamental level libertarian thought is based in self-governing. One way or another you expect people to govern themselves. But you utterly fail to give a single shred of evidence to show there’s any veracity to the claim that they can.
You’re either imagining some perfect fantasy utopia where somehow the government is barely needed because people actually do the right thing…
OR, you’re one of those Rand freaks who thinks being selfish is a higher calling.


Just how far are you willing to take the whole “no harm” thing? How about Abortion? Outlawing it would be an act of aggression against the mother, but not outlawing it could be seen as an act of aggression against the child in potentia. And once you reach that conclusion, then surely you must conclude that the Catholics are right and all forms of contraceptives are acts of aggression against potential children. But to outlaw them would be an act of aggression against the people who don’t want kids.
That’s called taking something to it’s logical conclusion, and it’s unresolvable.
Hence the fundamental issue. At some point a personal value judgement will need to be made.
The same kind of unresolvable argument can be made for most things when you use something as arbitrary as the concept of “harm” or “force”.
And once it’s accepted that there are value judgements being made, you must admit that you think you know better than everyone else how their lives should be run.


How is it not hypocritical to claim to be against the use of coercion/aggression, then turn around and state that some laws, rules and regulations are correct? Are you not, at that point, making personal value judgements as to what constitutes correct?
Placing yourself above everyone to assume that your view of government is the correct one, and in doing so, becoming guilty of the very thing you are supposed to be against.


You can’t explain how, if things work so much better without all the government we have now, it came to exist in the first place. It didn’t just spring into existence spontaneously.
Ex nihilo ex fit.


If most, or all, currently public services are privatized, what will keep them all from simply serving the agendas of their owners?
That’s why they became publicly funded in the first place, so they would operate equally and without agenda.
What’s to keep the fire service in your area from letting your family burn to death because they don’t like you?
Who’s going to punish them? You’re going to sue them? How? The legal system is enforced by the government. What’s to keep them from just buying their way out of it? You got rid of the government agencies that are there to prevent it.


And as for those contracts you all love so much, they’re backed up by the government too. Who precisely is going to enforce them if the government has no power?

So you want the government to have enough power to enforce that stuff, but you don’t want to pay for it. Nor can you explain how precisely you expect it to enforce anything when dealing with corporations who will have more money and power than they do.
What are they going to do? Declare martial law and send the marines every time they need to enforce a lawsuit?
Not that there will be a military, because that requires funding too. What are you going to do? Privatize that? And then who makes sure they don’t just take over the whole country?


You all always claim private business can do anything the government does better. What evidence do you have?
I’ve looked. I can’t find any empirical evidence to support the claim.
The continued siren call remains based on the notion that private businesses can lose customers, and that always makes them superior. Which is false to start with, but also assumes competition, AND that if there is competition that they will provide anything better.
A belief that isn’t supported by reality.


What about something as seemingly insignificant as things like safety inspections? It’s easy to say that if something like a restaurant fucks up they will lose their customers, but food poisoning doesn’t happen immediately usually. How many people have to get sick, perhaps die? Again, you do the math. What’s the equation? Value of life vs value of business to be allowed to risk it?
How about the agency of standards and weights? Each state has one, and they make sure things like gas pumps aren’t charging you wrong. Without them a station could really fuck people over, and they’d never even know it as long as the discrepancy was small enough.


There’s hundreds of little things the government regulates and keeps track of. Mostly because at some point, someone tried to get away with some shit.


Tell me how you deciding what the government should and shouldn’t be involved in, isn’t you thinking you have the right to tell everyone how their lives should be run.”


More From Self Center Records


I enjoyed the track from The Animals At Night so much I looked into their label to see what else was on offer. They just put up a new compilation album. If you’re into indie electronic music, and you want to check out something worthy, this is a good pick.

Dance Trap Loops and Sample Pack

Trap is an interesting genre, with a lot of different influences. Which makes packs of loops and samples aimed towards it good for people who like to work in different genres. That’s why I’m showcasing this week’s pack. With a focus on Trap and Breakdancing, it draws on several genres.

It’s loaded with over 3GB of samples and loops from a wide variety of genres. Of course the focus is still on making Trap (neo-trap), so there is a strong hip-hop and urban vibe throughout. But the sheer variety makes it a great pack to supplement your collection.

Best of all, it includes almost 250 MIDI files, which is a huge collection. Everything is labeled by tempo and key, making it easy to mix and match. I would recommend this as a pack to grow a collection, not as something to start off with. But if Trap is the genre you really want to work in, it does have plenty of stuff to get you going.


Dance Trap Loops and Samples


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Classic Bass House Samples and Loops

If you like to make Bass centric music, this week’s pack is one you will want to add to your collection of sounds.

This pack is about getting some of that classic island style, with the modern shake dat ass dancefloor sound. At the end of the day, dance music is about making people want to dance. And that’s what this pack is all about. Getting them out on the floor and keeping them on it.

Master this pack and what it has to offer, and you’ll be well on your way to putting out that next big club hit. No BS. It’s that good. Because it isn’t trying to be different, except in the ways that really count. It gives you the tools you need to be yourself, while focusing on all the things that get people out on the dance floor.

At a bit over 1.6GB this is a big pack, and one I would recommend for those getting started. If you want to make people dance, this pack is a good place to begin.

The real draw, in my opinion, is that it includes over 120 MIDI files. Which gives you a lot of flexibility.


Classic Bass House Loops and Samples


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Big sales on Loop and Sample Packs